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DJ Lizard

Liz started DJing in Austin, TX sometime around 2014 and more recently has been hitting buttons for dance floors around the US. Some of the events she’s been able to play for include Wild Wild Westie, Easter Swing, MADJam, Swingtacular, and many others. One of her favorite things is playing a late night DJ slot… and that’s saying a lot because she really likes to sleep!  While she plays a variety of music, she is best known for playing songs that will make your booty want to move.


DJ Mad Memes

Madison Morris (they/them) is a proud Austin native and has been dancing west coast swing since 2019.  They have been DJ-ing for WCS since 2021 and DJ for local Texas dances as well as nationally at different WCS events for meech-n-friends. They are currently a part of Swing Diversity University’s DJ Program. They are passionate about getting people to dance to good music, LGBTQIA+ representation in music and the community, and increasing diversity of languages played in WCS music.  


DJ Warden ○

DJ Warden (Matt Ward) has been a touring musician (drums), and an EDM/Wedding DJ for over 10 years. In 2021 after things started easing up from the pandemic, he discovered West Coast Swing and has been actively involved in the community ever since. Needless to say, command of music, control of the dance floor, and energy of the room are what he specializes in. As a side hustle, DJ Warden owns Reformed Rocker Productions, a mobile DJ company where he performs as a DJ, sound tech, lighting designer, and Emcee for weddings and corporate functions.

Matt is a Texas native, currently resides in Austin but travels to WCS competitions at least once a month. In his day job, he manages a large organization of software engineers in the BioTech / Lifesciences industry.

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